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Lidija Tomas Matijević

Creative, image maker and interior stylist

I'm the author of the blog Lili Halo Decoration where I share bits of my life and the place I live with my boys. You can peek into beautiful homes and find some great styling tips. I also work as a design blogger on Journal's portal where I'll take you to beautiful places and show you special stories from my home.

I am passionate about everything visual. I am into styling, typography, interior design, concepts and photography. I also design art prints, wall decals and posters for interior styling and love to use new materials in building apartments. 

My comprehensive services includes concept development and aesthetic direction of photo shoots resulting in quality images ready for use in print or digital presentation. I expend mental energy to devise innovative ways of doing things. 

I'm all into quality living, motherhood, relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and social engagement. And I'm very emotional.

If you want to reach me, just email me at: or find me on Linkedin.

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Unknown said...

Bellissimo, hai un gusto veramente delicato coinvolgente elegante e molto discreto. Complimenti!

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