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Postojna Cave


After  Boutique Hotel on a river Otočec we continued to Postojna cave.
That was my first time there. And I can tell, nature is magical. I felt so small.
The tour last for 1.5h and after that we spend half hour more in museum. Kids were confused. I couldn't tell they were scared or amazed, but it was strange for them to spend almost 2 hours, 60 meters under ground. At one moment, our guide turned off the light. That just makes you think....
But I think kids need new experiences, they grow that way. They saw spaghetti cave, they drove by train, they were listening stories about dragons... :) And I think that the smallest one, 2 years old, was having the best time in her life. She thought that we were in the ice cream cave :) She was so sweet.
So I have prepared some pictures for you. Some of them are mine, and some of them are from the web. Let's take a look.

 Photos from Daily MailArch DailyArch Daily 2 and Lonely Planet with thanks.
Moodbaord from my Pinterest.

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