Lili Halo Decoration



Jedva čekam doma lagano sa svojim dečkima, u našem tempu, bez žurbe.
Dobila sam od svoja dva frajera divne božure za 5 godišnjicu braka.

Jeste li već pročitali ovaj divan tekst sa A CUP OF JO:

image via cupofjo

“These days when everyone is so busy, we need to be intentional about making space for family time…” 
Family time, says Contey [cofounder of Slow Family Living] is different for all of us.
 “You might say, ‘we’re all here on Thursday mornings, so let’s make a leisurely pancake breakfast’; 
or one night a week take a walk in the dark before bed. 
Something like that can feel really special and the kids will 
remember it as they get older”…

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