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Ovo je nedjelja kod Kelli Murray i njezine divne male obitelji. Ovaj pst dijelim sa vama jer mi se stvarno svidilo što je napisala ispod tih divnih fotografija:

It’s Wedsnesday….but today, I’m talking about Sunday’s. They are my favorite.  We always go to church in the morning as a family.  And I love that.  Walking in, I never cease to be thankful that I have these two hands to hold.  I love dropping Rylee off at child care and saying hi to all the other moms.  I love watching her interact with other kids and learn to be more independent.  And I especially love that hour when I can sit with Sam and learn from the word of God.  I don’t talk a lot about my faith here, but it’s a foundation of who we are and one of the reasons I love Sunday’s so much.  We always walk away feeling motivated, challenged, or inspired in some way.  And it’s always the best feeling when we get to pick up Rylee and she can’t wait to jump into our arms again.  I love my family so much….and lately….i’ve been getting the itch to grow it!

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Nina said...

jojjjj, obožavam ovaj blog :) super mi je ženska, ali vidiš ovaja put nisam pročitala šta je napisala ispod, samo sam pogledala slike

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